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WorkOut with Your Kids #RunLadder

Ohuhu® 12 Rung Agility Ladder with Black Carry CaseBeing that I am responsible for four future athletes (Justin, Jorden. Savannah, and Gauge) I am always on the look out for fun and innovative ways to strengthen their muscles without letting on that they are working out, lol! With the 12 Rung Agility Ladder it is easy to work on balancing skills…

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Do Tell Family Relationship Game

The Do Tell Family Relationship Game helps kids, parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and/or uncles open up to each other, get to know each other, and strengthens family bonds.The Do Tell Family Relationship Game helps kids, parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and/or uncles open up to each other, get to know each other, and strengthens family bonds. The game is wildly imaginative, laugh-out-loud funny, uniquely imaginative, and deceptively thought-provoking. It tak…

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Baby & Toddler Bath Scoop #OVSBabyBathScoop

Baby BathScoopBeing a Mom is a really hard job! I don't know about anyone else, but I'll take all the help I can get, no matter how BIG or how SMALL! That's why when I heard about a product that could Make Bath Time Clean Up a Breeze I had to know more! With the Baby & Toddler Bath Scoop clean up is Fast & Ef…

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Children and Grief

Children Teaching Children about Grief
A Professor Child Production

Professor Child ReviewSometimes you have a bad day and other times you have a catastrophic year! In a span of six months my children lost their great-grandfather, their grandfather, the family dog, and their grandma’s cat. My kids were suffering, as wel…

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Personalized Kid's Labels

Personalized Kid's Labels

I personally think their labels are cool and innovative, but never received any of them for my review. I was looking forward to sharing with you my opinions about them but all I can do is give you some information I found on their site since they never have followed throg…

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WIN Some PottyCovers (EXP 03/09)



Maybe I'm the only germ-a-phob out there when it comes to taking my kids, and grandkids, into public bathrooms. I doubt it! I never let the opportunity to acquire a new weapon in the battle of the germies pass me by. This is why I adore PottyCovers! 


PottyCover is a disposabl…

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WIN a FREE Steps4Kids to Multiply DVD (Exp 11/30)

WIN a FREE Steps4Kids to Multiply DVDExpires: 11/30/2011

WIN a FREE Steps4Kids to Multiply DVD
Numbers 0 through 12
Educational DVD

In today's world more and more parents are choosing to home-school their children. The demand for good homeschool curriculum is higher now then ever before. I have done the home-school route, sent the kids …

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Brooke-a-licious All Natural and Paraben Free Lip Balm

Brooke-a-licious All Natural and Paraben Free Lip BalmBrooke-a-licious All Natural and Paraben Free Lip BalmBrooke-a-licious
All Natural and Paraben Free
Lip Balm

Once you use Brooke-a-licious lip balms you will never want to use another chap-stick again! The Brooke-a-licious lip balms are made in small quantities to assure quality and you can feel that quality when you wear it. This is not your average …

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BPA - Should You Worry?

BPABPA: Should You Worry?

For 40 years we ate and drank from containers containing bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used in producing polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Those substances are found in hundreds of products, from water bottles to compact discs and medical devices. Until recent years, th…

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Win FREE All Terrain Kids Lip Armor with SPF 25

natural products, active lifestyles, all terrain, environment, naturally, trip, hike, pets, child, children, chapstick, lipstick, lip balm, kid, kidsAll Terrain has taken one of its most popular products – Lip Armor with SPF 25, and made it kid friendly with new flavors like Bubble Gum and Cherry.

It’s an easy, simple way to keep your lips protected from UVA and UVB rays.

Containing natural ingredients like almond oil, shea butter, beeswax an…

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How MS Affects Kids May Differ by Race

Problems with language, complex attention occur more often in blacks than whites, study finds

A new U.S. study finds that multiple sclerosis impairs certain cognitive functions more severely in black children than white children.

The findings may lead to new types of individualized treatment, said th…

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Tax Official Threatens to Shut Down Kids‘ Pumpkin Stand For Lacking ’Proper Permit’

Pumpkin StandLEWISTON, Idaho (The Blaze/AP) — An Idaho family that operates a roadside pumpkin stand is scared out of its gourd after a state tax collector showed up and tried to squash the business.

The Lewiston Tribune reports the Idaho State Tax Commission has called for the closure of a family’s pum…

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Tea Party Coloring Book Prompts Death Threats

Tea Party Coloring Book Prompts Death Threats

A Missouri man is reportedly receiving threatening messages after his company, Really Big Coloring Books, published “The Tea Party Coloring Book for Kids.”

Wayne Bell of Clayton, Mo., says  he‘s receiving harsh messages from people appare…

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Shock study: 12% of kids sexually abused in govt. custody

Some 12 percent of minors held in government custody are sexually abused, and in some facilities the rate reaches a stunning one in three children, says a report released Thursday by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

The first-ever National Survey of Youth in Custody found that no less than 10 perce…

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Christmas is Cancelled

The kids left today. Off to Philly, or at least nearby there. Only the oldest boy is left at home with us. I didn’t buy any gifts this year. I didn’t hang one light. None of my doors are adorned with holly and my humble abode has not even the faint aroma of pine needles. This season should be holly …

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