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NPR's Disgusting Antics

Former NPR executive Ron Schiller slams Republicans and the tea party movement and suggests that NPR would be better off without any federal funding in a hidden-camera video released Tuesday by conservative filmmaker James O'Keefe.

Schiller, president of the NPR Foundation and a senior vice presi…

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MSNBC’s Maddow on NPR Firing Scandal: Will GOP Go After Big Bird Next?

Big BirdDuring a roundtable discussion on NPR’s controversial firing of Juan Williams and the upcoming midterm elections, host David Gregory asks his guests to conjecture whether the GOP might introduce a plan to de-fund NPR into their campaign platform.

While the Washington Post’s E.J. Dione, a self-d…

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Should Soros-Backed NPR Lose Public Funding?

SorosNPR’s firing of Juan Williams Wednesday has ignited a firestorm, leaving some politicians wondering whether the organization should lose its public funding, and many in the media questioning the real reason behind the news veteran’s axing.

In comments to CNN, former Arkansas governor and fel…

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‘I Said What I Meant to Say’: Juan Williams Recounts Phone-Call Firing From NPR

‘I Said What I Meant to Say’:
Juan Williams
Recounts Phone-Call Firing
From NPR

Here is the original video:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Longtime news analyst Juan Williams, who has written extensively on race and civil …

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NPR Fires Juan Williams Over Muslim Comments

Liberal political commentator and National Public Radio senior news analyst Juan Williams has reportedly been fired from his position at NPR over comments he made about Muslims on Fox News‘ O’Reilly Factor.

Williams appeared on host Bill O‘Reilly’s primetime broadcast Monday evening and noted …

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