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Ohuhu 24 Pockets Over-the-Door #ShoeStorageBag

Ohuhu 24 Pockets Over-the-Door #ShoeStorageBagOhuhu® 24 Pockets Over-the-Door Shoes Organizer is perfect to keep your home neat and clean!

Most people would order the Ohuhu® 24 Pockets Over-the-Door Shoes Organizer because they wanna keep their shoes clean, neat, and tidy; but I LoVe mine because as a crafter, a babysitter, and a mom I …

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5 steps to de-junk your house (and life)

Is your resolution to get a handle on your cluttered house? Try one of these 5 steps to manage your messes.

1. Set small goals.
Pick the area of your home that would bring you the most peace if it were organized. Is your closet in disarray? Is your junk drawer overflowing? If the task seems too big…

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