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PSCPets Daily Enzymes and Prebiotics

PSCPets Daily Enzymes and PrebioticsMy dogs, Sir Duke and Baby Blu, are spoiled. I tend to feed them table scraps and leftovers whenever they start to beg. As sweet as this might sound, it is bad for a dog to eat many of the foods humans eat. Check your dog food, many brands are loaded with fillers and grains that are hazardous to y…

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PSCPets Joint Support for Dogs

PSCPets Joint Support for Dogs

PSCPets Joint Support for Dogs Sir DukeDogs in our family are FAMILY! Baby Blu, my Multiple Sclerosis (MS) service dog, runs my house like the Queen rules England! Sir Duke, my son Xander’s BIG buddy, protects the house like a Studio 54 bouncer! And there’s Isha, my grandson Gauge’s puppy, who could powe…

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Cats and Dogs Recommend IntelliFlora

 My One Cat and Two Dogs Recommend IntelliFlora

All of the furry friends in our home are rescues. That means that along with their cuteness and unconditional love they all came with their own special set of health issues.

 photo b8736fd4-ec4f-402a-b57e-d6c97fa2dbbf.jpgIt started with our cat, Miss Princess BurnOut, who followed my sweetheart …

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Judgement Day is Here! - What About Fido?

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In 26 US states, you could have them rescued and adopted by enterprising atheists who have set up a business to care f…

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