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How will u PROTECT ur HOME during the APOCALYPSE? #dummycamera

One thing that gets overlooked in the chaos, more often then you would think, is deterrents. How will you PROTECT your FAMILY and your HOME in the event of the APOCALYPSE?

The St. Basil Catholic Parish summer festival — the parish’s biggest annual fundraiser — will cease to exist after brawling teenagers prompting its early closure out of fear for public safety, according to the pari…

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China wants Asia to Ignore its Big Military

Singapore, General Liang Guanglie, Chinese defense minister, Chinese defense, Asian security, Asian, security, China’s economy, military expansion, hegemony, Chinese government, Chinese military  The strength of China’s armed forces is 20 years behind the U.S. and although the military is developing new capabilities, it is not a threat to peace in Asia, the Chinese defense minister said Sunday.

China‘s military won’t be used aggressively against its neighbors, General Liang Guangli…

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You Are The Resistance Against The DHS Occupation Of America

Alex,  Jones, Alex Jones, infowars, defenders of freedom, V for Victory, You Are The Resistance,, Resistance Against The DHS,  prison,  planet,  victory,  resistance,  answer,  1984,  1776,  resist,  tyranny,  homeland,  security,  TSA,  DHS,  obama,  napolitano,  bush,  boehner,  rand,  paul,  ron,  rahm,  emanuel,  william,  daley,  immeltAmerica is in peril, the United States is being occupied as Homeland Security launches a total takeover of society and attempts to indoctrinate an army of citizen spies as the country accelerates its slide into banana republic despotism. Americans who can see what is unfolding feel helpless, powerle…

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People Movers

Glenn Beck has been talking a lot about People Movers or Motivations lately so I thought I would post a little bit to help people researching the subject. Glenn has been focusing on Self Preservation, Security, Sex, and Aggression but this goes into it a bit more in depth.


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Guide to breaking cell phone security revealed

A German security expert has raised the ire of the cell phone industry after he and a group of researchers posted online a how-to guide for cracking the encryption that keeps the calls of GSM-standard cell phone users secret.

Karsten Nohl, 28, told The Associated Press this week that he, working wi…

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Why did security checks fail to spot explosives?

The alleged terror incident aboard a passenger flight from Amsterdam to Detroit has raised questions as to how a Nigerian man carried explosives through stringent security measures.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab has been charged with attempting to destroy a passenger plane after he detonated a device o…

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