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WIN a FREE SlapKooler (EXP 03/10)

Slap Koozies

Like the 80's slap bracelet, but for your beverage!

Slap KoozieThe SlapKooler band is a banded 'slap koozie' beverage insulator that you can 'slap' on your can, bottle, arm, leg, friends, or people you just meet!
Many people call it a 'slap koozie' or a 'slap wrap', but we call the SlapK…

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Food Stamps Cuts Sugary Drinks

New Yorkers on food stamps may soon have to come up with cash to pay for sugar-sweetened drinks.

Governor Paterson and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg are seeking to add sugary drinks to the list of banned food stamp purchases such as alcohol and cigarettes.

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