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Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)How Do I Know It's Really Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

There is no single test that is proof-positive for diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis (MS). However, there are accepted criteria for making the diagnosis, but even this system is imperfect.

Since diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can be very difficult, a…

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HIV/Aids Cure Found!

Apparent Immunity Gene ‘Cures
Bay Area Man Of AIDS

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Many of you know how close to my heart this issue having a close friend…

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Thousands stage anti-China protest in Japan

Protesters with Japanese flags shout defeat Chinese imperialism during a march near the APEC forum … YOKOHAMA, Japan – Thousands of demonstrators waving Japanese flags and shouting anti-China slogans marched Saturday against Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit for an economic summit that comes as a territorial dispute strains ties between the Asian giants.

Organizers said Saturday's march in Yokoh…

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US, Australia, China and The New World Order

Kevin Rudd and Hillary ClintonThe United States and Australia say they are now working together to tighten security ties and influence the behavior of an increasingly assertive China. Australia is our friend so nothing here should look unusual, so why does it?

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Australian Foreign…

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15 Days 'till New World Order

New World Order

This could be the most important thing you have ever seen or read. Don't be scared, be prepared. The spooky dude in the haunted house can't scare you if you know he is coming. You may not like Glenn Beck, or even know who he is, but this is an imperative message that concerns your safety. Share thi…

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