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US set to fly thousands of Americans from Egypt

WASHINGTON – The State Department is prepared to evacuate thousands of U.S. citizens from Egypt on chartered planes, but is relying largely on friends and families in the U.S. to relay that information to stranded Americans.

Assistant Secretary of State Janice Jacobs told reporters Sunday that she …

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US Internet Kill Switch Coming Soon

Committee Passes Plan for Internet ‘Kill Switch’ in Egypt — U.S.

Pending legislation that would grant the President of the United States the power to pull the plug on the country’s internet access in a declared “emergency” returned to the forefront this week on the same day Egyptians faced …

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WikiLeaks: U.S. Government Secretly Backed Egyptian Dissidents Plotting Regime Change

Secret U.S. diplomatic dispatches released by the WikiLeaks website seem to suggest that the American Embassy in Cairo was quietly aiding young Egyptian political dissidents who were plotting to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011, the UK’s Telegraph i…

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Clinton says US China Summit MUST Deliver Real Results

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks about Lebanon at a news conference in Doha January 11, 2011. … U.S.-China relations are at a critical juncture and a summit between their leaders next week must produce "real action, on real issues" such as trade, climate change and North Korean nuclear proliferation, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Friday.

"It is up to both nations to translate the h…

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