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Hawaii Democrats Propose Charging Fee to View Obama Birth Certificate

Hawaii Democrats Propose Charging Fee to View Obama Birth CertificateThere is a birth certificate; there isn’t a birth certificate

The debate has been raging for months and months, but legislators in Hawaii — the state at the center of the controversy surrounding the birth record of America’s 44th president — are taking a new entrepreneurial track in their lates…

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Fox News Host Brian Kilmeade Is ‘Un-American Bastard‘ in Olbermann’s View

Not every un-American bastard is Brian Kilmeade, but all Brian Kilmeades are un-American bastards and tonight’s “Worse Person in the World.”

(Transcript via Newsbusters)

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O’Reilly vs. Behar: TV Hosts Defend Actions in Explosive ‘View’ Debate

During the opening segment of his Fox News Channel program Thursday evening, host Bill O’Reilly looked back on his tense debate with the ladies of “The View” earlier in the day, during which co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walked off the set. In defending his position against the buildin…

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