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Win a FREE Beginning Rhythm Music Program (Exp12/01)


Beginning RhythmExpires: 12/01/2011

Win a FREE Beginning Rhythm Music Program

My life is full of Music. When I was young I was a singer, but I never thought of myself as "Musical" because I was always concentrating on my acting career. Everyone around me when I went to auditions could read music but I couldn't. …

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6th Grader May Have Lost with Governor Chris Christie's Advice, but a 5th Grader Won!

Chris ChristieZack Martini May Have Lost with Governor Chris Christie's Advice, but Xander Harris Won!
(The Sixth-Grader Who Asked Christie for Campaign Advice Loses His Class Election, but Helps a Fifth-Grade Student Win Student Council Seat!)

Governor Chris Christie supporters everywhere felt their hearts sink w…

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